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All of the tractors and equipment on this page will be consigned to Wieman Auctions in Marion, SD for their next consignment auction. Prices on this site are generally lower than auction prices as they do not include consignment fees and shipping to the auction site. Please contact Noly for the best possible deal before they are shipped!

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2008 John Deere 7230 "Premium"

Really an exceptionally nice low Hour [2929] 2008 tractor!!!  
3 hyds, 18-4-38 rears 75% tread, matched front rubber 75% But as usual have JD take oil and coolant scans and send them if for JD labs analysis’s [results of these are included in White bookbinder in tractor cab. All normal except for coolant which was due for a change anyway [so we changed it at [2804hrs]!! (pg1)

    We discovered a small fuel leak and a really small hydraulic oil leak [tiny spots shown under tractor while parked for long period of time overnight in shed on cement! We had John Deere Grossenburg Imp. Bloomfield, NE. 402-373-4449 repaired both leaks [invoice#666998] $675.06 (pg2)   4/7/2015. [One leak was internal of hydraulic steering cylinder] [Test drove all OK!]
Returned tractor later same day more fuel leaks showing up in several older original lines JD recommended replacing all lines so we did!  See (pg3) [invoice#666999] No leaks anywhere next morning.
A complete set of JD front suitcase weights are here in original box with the proper hardware to install them if buyer wishes to do so. Valued at $125 @ estimated total value $1200--$1300.
While the floor mat was removed we detail cleaned and scrubbed this floor mat vigorously as it had some stains on it from [we don’t know what] and it looks “super nice“ now!
Also repaired anything we could find that needed it [sun shades] [cleaned steering wheel] (not hardly anything to fix as tractor had had unusually good care for the small amount of hours [only 2800] it was used!!!) Whoever gets this tractor will be very happy and satisfied and we hope they appreciate it like we do ALL of the tractors we purchase to use and resell!!! (pg’s 4&5) [Invoice # 664802 $635.79.
Will notice receipt No. 635533 where paid total of [A] $1724.49
Previously paid approximately [B] $2000.00 Oil Filters, Oil, Labor
Total amount paid to get 
get this one ready for work=   $3724.4

Owner has nice set of hub mount duals with hardware and a full set of front-end weights with the hardware still in the crate.
Make An Offer, owner retiring.
Price Reduced!

My Grandson Kash Poppe [cell# 402-640-1749] Put several  more hours [as of Jan 27, 2017, hour reading is 2926] on it this fall using it on The large RHINO batwing shredder and his JD Big round Baler mowing ditches and baling corn stalks. 
He is very particular also about maintenance also and he did put a new air ride seat shock absorber in it as that's the only thing he could find to fix! It has all Been completely serviced about 75-100 Hrs ago and is not ready yet for anything more. I have a Really nice set of axle mt Duals [w /hardware ] for it and a Complete set of  front weights [w/hardware] too! I'll sell these to the buyer of the tractor if he wants them?

JD 820 3-cyl Diesel Tractor 
Has 3 point tiller, live PTO and Power steering. Wide front, UTILITY
Schredder is Sold.


IHC 7-foot sickle mower. Model C-21 or C-24
2-pt fast hitch {Not sure if it has ever been used} Sickle, guards, pitman stick all still brand new Very Rare Professionally restored and kept inside.

Cell number 402-640-1306 email: info@perfecthay.com
Heavy Duty 3-pt. for '06 Series IHC tractors
Cell number 402-640-1306 email: info@perfecthay.com
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